This place is a hidden treasure. My 99 yr old grandma was a patient there for a full month and she was treated like she was a relative. Unbelievable service by all staff from the administration, nurses, CNA’s to all the therapists. They made several adjustments for her diet. The faculty is very clean and was sterile at all times.
We actually had her at Stonebrooke in Concord and that facility didn’t work out and we had my grandma transferred to Danville Post-Acute Rehab center and it was a blessing in disguise. Putting a loved one in a home is a very difficult process. Danville Post-Acute Rehab made me very comfortable and confident that we had my grandma at the best facility in the Bay Area. I would recommend this facility to anyone! Thanks the staff for everything that you have done for my grandmas recovery. You truly are amazing!!

Gina L.

I am writing a review of the Danville Post-Acute Rehab and Nursing home, where my mom is currently living. I heard that they had received a negative review due to the updating/construction of the facility so I decided to write my own review.Let me say that parking can be an issue, but I understand the limited space and sometimes I have to park and walk.Second of all, construction can be a hassle, but the facility is overdue for a makeup and they are doing a GREAT job. Even the Director is outside painting doors and helping with the landscaping himself! It may be dusty and inconvenient, but the staff is AWESOME, always making me feel welcome and taking GREAT care of my 92 year old mom. That is what is IMPORTANT to me – her health and welfare. Most of the staff know me by name, care about the patients, and do the best job they can.Although some staff comes and goes, there are several staff members that have been here a VERY long time, which tells me something about the commitment to the patients.

Thanks for all you do staff, keep it up!

Nancy A.

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My 87 year old father has been at Danville Post-Acute Rehab center twice and I have to say he has been receiving excellent care. He has friendly, caring nurses and attendants and the whole facility is clean and spacious. We are kept up-to-date with his condition & the least concern is addressed immediately. I have been pleased with the pride the people working at this facility have. The management, nursing assistants and nurses are all very kind, nice and extremely understanding and accommodating. Doctors are dedicated to help each patient.There is a feeling that the patient here is valued as a person and not just a file. I definitely recommend this place. Thanks to everyone.

Nina Y.

My mother was admitted here for about 4 weeks, truly a great staff and caring people. The therapy is the best! She said the food was great! The administrator was extremely helpful with any of my questions and was always very responsive. The Director of Social Services is just an amazing woman! She did everything we needed. Overall, just a very clean place and all are very kind people.

Jana B.

I would like to express my appreciation for all the support, patience, and kindness I received during my stay at Danville Post-Acute Rehab. The professionalism and skill at your facility went above and beyond all of my expectations. I had the best physical therapist that I could have asked for. On top of her obvious skill, she was encouraging, fun, and sensitive during our times together. It is difficult spending time away from your home and family; however, by the time I left I actually felt a part of “your family”. Thank you!

Martha M., Patient

The physical therapy here was excellent and the nurses and therapist professionalism and care was superb! Thank you for the speedy recovery to get me back home. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Lucy F., Patient

I have been the medical director for the past eight years. This facility has evolved into a top notch nursing and rehabilitation facility in the bay area. My patients love the quality and compassionate care at Danville Post Acute Rehabilitation.

Dr. Narendra Malani, Medical Director

Thank you for getting me back in one piece with great care and great rehab. You are all a great team! Thanks so much.

Marion and Bruce W.

Thank you for saving my Grandma’s life. Thank you for the miracle of life. Bringing her heart rate down from 140 to 70, beats per minute, saved her life. Providing John M. Acute Care, Danville Rehab Therapy, Case Management, Atria Montego Heights, and Karo Mina Care Home, gives back her quality of life. I give back by giving miracle of life to my patients. Thank you.

Roseann F. G., MD, General Surgeon

The care and attention my mother received was beyond what your staff was required to give a patient. On two separate occasions when we came to visit my mother, there was one of your employees holding my mother’s hand and comforting her. My family and I were so impressed.

Other positive qualities we observed in your staff include timely information provided to us by your administrative staff, excellent care provided by the nurses, therapists and all of the support folks, and the level of cleanliness of the facility.

Thank you,

Tom, family member of patient